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When you need a lawyer, you don’t want someone eighty miles away in Oklahoma City. You want an Ada attorney you can sit down with at their law office and get the help you need. The team at Austin & Banks Law has been serving Ada, Oklahoma for years with a dedicated office at 808 Arlington Street. 

Leo Austin and TR Banks are known for the reputations of standing up for Oklahomans who need them. Areas of law like car wrecks, personal injury, wrongful death, and workers compensation can be life changing events. No one should have to navigate those situations alone and thats why the Ada attorneys at Austin & Banks are always ready to step in.

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Personal Injury

When bad things happen like a personal injury or even death our team is ready to be by your side to ensure that you are taken care of.

Car Accidents

An Ada Car Wreck Attorney Can Help Ensure You Get The Help You Need & The Compensation You Deserve.


We trust that when having to get services from a nursing home or care facility that our loved ones will be taken care of. When thats not the care Austin & Banks are here to help.


Being or becoming disabled is overwhelming when trying to get through daily life. Getting benefits established to help should be. We can help make the case for your social security benefits.

Austin & Banks Ada Attorney Office

Austin & Banks Law Firm's Ada Oklahoma Office is located at:
808 Arlington St Ada, OK 74820
Phone: 580-436-6000

The Legal Team at Austin & Banks

Lawyers In Ada OK

The need for local, accessible legal representation in Ada is paramount, and Austin & Banks have dedicated themselves to fulfilling this need. This article delves into the comprehensive legal services they provide, spotlighting their commitment to their clients and the community.

At the core of Austin & Banks are Leo Austin and TR Banks, two attorneys whose reputations precede them. Their combined expertise spans various legal domains, offering an in-depth look into their professional backgrounds and areas of specialization, particularly in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and more.

Choosing Austin & Banks means opting for dedicated, compassionate, and skilled legal representation in Ada, Oklahoma. They invite potential clients for a consultation, ensuring that every legal journey begins with confidence and clarity.